A Day of Freedom 5-27-19

Freedom is a crazy thing. To most of the people I know it’s like oxygen. It’s like air. It’s not something we see but we know it’s there and we can’t survive without it. It’s essential to life as we know it. But what we fail to remember is that freedom is not a luxury, and trust me it is definitely a luxury, that most of the world has the privilege of knowing. Ever. In their entire lives. Let’s just look at a day in the life of a person that lives with this freedom. I honestly wish I could give you a glimpse into the other side of it but I am not qualified nor will I ever be to even remotely imagine life without freedom. I am extremely grateful for that!

Today, Memorial Day 2019, is the day in America that we celebrate those soldiers that fought for and lost their lives obtaining and defending our freedom. You know the freedom that’s like oxygen. Oxygen is free and everywhere. Freedom is expensive and limited.

Today I had the freedom to wake up in a nice comfy bed with a pillow and blanket. I had the freedom to walk into another room and turn a lever and fresh clean water come out of spout. I had the freedom to urinate in an actual toilet inside my house and pull another lever and it all go away making a clean bowl for the next time. I had the freedom to walk into yet another room and use a machine that required electricity to make a hot drink for myself. And it only took 90 seconds. I had the freedom to walk outside and sit in a comfortable chair OUTSIDE and listen to the birds and animals and feel the breeze on my skin and the sun on my face and I felt safe. I had the freedom to enjoy this quietness and sit there for as long as it took me to drink my hot drink and pet my dogs. Dogs that I have the freedom of owning and loving.

I had the freedom to go for a 3 mile run from my house down a country road and back. Safely and with lots of beautiful scenery to look at. I had nice shoes to run in and clothes especially made for exercise. I had clean water to drink when I got home and a cool house and soft couch to rest on.

I had the freedom to get in my own car and drive down the road and go to a retailer and buy food to cook later. I had the freedom to buy sunscreen to protect my skin.

I had the freedom to have vegetable and fruits available to eat and cook for my family and a place to keep them cool and keep them from rotting. I had milk and meat in this place to keep cool and fresh. I had a stove to cook the food. All I had to do was turn a button and it got hot enough to cook.

I think you get what I’m really trying to say.

These are freedoms that most of us take for granted. We don’t even consider them freedoms at all. We consider them expected. We just expect these things to be there and happen and honestly most of the time we don’t even give them a second thought. We do when they aren’t there. We get upset when they aren’t there. We can’t function normally when they aren’t there but we never stop to think that these are freedoms. Freedoms that most do not and will not ever know or understand.

In saying all this, maybe take a moment out or your day, maybe even everyday and stop and think about the many “freedoms” you have. Dig deep. Because it’s hard to think of such trivial everyday things as “freedoms” because honestly you have no other reference point. Think about the lives lost to obtain this freedom and defend this freedom. Think of all the hard work. The blood. The sweat. The tears. Just so you can walk outside. Have electricity. Running water. I could go on but I hope by now you understand that basic necessities are freedoms and they are like oxygen. Now say a prayer for those that don’t have them. Think of them. Now say a prayer for those families that lost their loved ones whole they were defending these things we take for granted everyday.

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