Do Not Let the Letters and Numbers Define You

Grades. Let’s just start there. When we start school we are given grades on our performance. We are taught that the different letters mean different things and based on that we are either good or bad. A for good. F for bad. And all ranges in between.

Position on a team. If you have played or even watch sports you know that each player has a job and with that job comes a title. Point guard. Forward. Pitcher. Catcher. Quarterback. Kicker. Wide receiver. Goalie. Anchor. Lead. Most of these are abbreviated for easy reference on the TV screen or stat book. They are represented my letters or a set of letters most of the time but not always. QB. F. WR. You get the picture. These basically tell everyone what you do or are expected to do on the field or court. Where you are supposed to stand or play on that field or court. You also get assigned a number too. Almost all players on a team have a jersey with a number on it to distinguish them from the others. So therefore you are identified by these letters and numbers

Degree. Those of you that have a specific title behind your name know that it is usually abbreviated with letters. MD, PharmD (my favorite for obvious reasons), RN, DPT, Ph.D, DO, LSW, LPN, etc. These are titles as well and tell people what you are educated to do as well as what your vocation is. It represents years of study and hopefully knowledge from all that study.

These are all examples of letters and numbers that tell who we are, what we do, and what we know. They do NOT tell how good or bad we are. How beautiful or handsome we are. How ugly or unfit we are. How smart or stupid we are. How skinny or fat we are. How successful or unsuccessful we are. How rich or poor we are.

I could go on but I won’t.

What I am trying to say is that the numbers and letters do not define you. They may identify us (what we do, what we know about) to other people. They do not tell your story. They do not show your heart. They do not show your mind and soul. They do not DEFINE us. They do not limit us. They do not make us who we truly are. We are so much more than the letters and numbers that we are associated with. We are so much more than what we do for a living. We are so much more than the education that we have.

Don’t let the letters and numbers tell your story. Let your heart tell it. Let your mind tell it. Let your soul tell it. Let the love you share tell it. Let the compassion you have tell it. Let the honor you have tell it. Let the sadness you have tell it.

Don’t let the letters and numbers define you.

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