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Love like a Dog..unconditional and intentional

We could all take a lesson from our pets, mainly our dogs.  I’m not a cat person and therefore have no frame of reference there.  I have not always been a dog lover.  My parents had dogs as I was growing up but I was basically indifferent to them after they stopped being the cute little snuggly puppy.  I became a dog owner when Santa himself dropped a basset hound puppy on the door step of my home for my daughter when she was in elementary school.  Don’t worry, the irony of this all does not escape me.  It was basically my dog to care for and feed and clean up after.  ALL THE THINGS.  But that hound loved me.  She thought I was the coolest person in the whole world.  Still the irony of this does not escape me.  She knew who fed her.  But she still loved me when I forgot to feed her.  She still loved me when I came in the house and went straight to bed and never spoke to her.  She still loved me when I left her at home alone for hours.  Dogs have this uncanny ability to love you unconditional and intently every day…all day long…no matter how you react on the other end.  This sweet hound has long since gone and went the special place in heaven for Dogs.  If you have ever loved a dog then you know that there is no doubt such a place.

Now I have been blessed with another such companion, his name is Stitch.  He was part of an accidental litter that was born on our farm.  He is a Texas Heeler and he was the runt of the litter (my favorite).  This guy looks at me like I look at cheesecake.  He thinks I do no wrong and I’m the most beautiful person in the world.  (He told me…we have a special joke).  I sometimes forget to feed him.  I sometimes forget to even speak to him as I walk in the house.  I sometimes pay him no attention at all some days, but when he lays eyes on me I can see the love in his eyes.  I will go on the back deck to relax or read or just be alone with the sounds of the woods and he will show up and look at me and smile.  I swear yall, he smiles at me.  He is a large dog and would literally sit in my lap if I would let him.  But he is always by my side if I am outside and on the occasion that he gets to come in the house he is right beside me or on my lap. When I’m outside he will lay at my feet and just let me be and do what I need to.  I think he knows what is in my heart and in my soul.  I think he can see straight in there to all the mess and he loves me despite it all.  He loves me because of it all.

Humans on the other hand…well.  They don’t see like dogs do.  We need to be more like dogs.  Love unconditionally.  Look at someone and just love them in their mess.  Love them despite there mess and because of their mess.  Love them through their mess.  Intentionally love them.  No agenda for returned love.  Just love because that is what you do.  Be there for people even when you don’t get anything in return.  I think what it boils down to is that dogs do not judge the person on their actions or lack of actions they just love them no matter what.  They see straight into a person’s true heart and loves them right where they are in their heart with their whole heart..every day…all day long.

Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, and filling an emptiness we didn’t ever know we had.  -Thom Jones

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. -Roger Caras





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