On my way to work yesterday before light and in the pouring rain I came around a curve and there across both lanes in the road was a fallen tree. It was completely blocking the road and there was no way to get around it. Thankfully I have a small compact car and I just turned around in the middle of the road and REROUTED. Grateful for more than one way to get where I was going. This scenario reminds me that life is not always a straight easy road. It is sometimes dark rainy and the way you want or plan to go is completely blocked.

Around this time of year every year I am also reminded that my life did not take the road I had originally planned (spoiler alert: it NEVER does). I am reminded that my little wonderful family is not the textbook picket fence that I had planned as a young girl. This is not to say that I’m not completely and utterly happy and content with my current situation. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in my life than right where I am at this very moment. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t have to travel to get here in the dark, in the cold , in the pouring down rain just to get to a point in the metaphoric road where there was a big old metaphoric tree blocking my way. Let’s just say the concept of rerouting is not foreign to me.

Some of these so-called road blocks I totally put there myself and some were just dropped right there without me having anything to do with it. The moral of this story is…you come to a big old tree in the road…guess what you do?? You grumble if you need too but then you REROUTE. I know that all sounds so easy. Just go another way. Yep because that way is not your way to go. The New route may be uphill and rocky and it may be slippery and really really long but it’s getting you where you need to go. Where God has a plan for you to go. He put that tree in your way for a reason!! So embrace the new route whatever it may be because the destination is right where you need to go. Even if you didn’t know that was where you were going and when you get there you will find that you are content and happy and that old tree never really bothered you at all.

Merry Christmas my friends and enjoy the ROUTE!! Even if it’s a detour! ❤️

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