On my way to work yesterday before light and in the pouring rain I came around a curve and there across both lanes in the road was a fallen tree. It was completely blocking the road and there was no way to get around it. Thankfully I have a small compact car and I just turned around in the middle of the road and REROUTED. Grateful for more than one way to get where I was going. This scenario reminds me that life is not always a straight easy road. It is sometimes dark rainy and the way you want or plan to go is completely blocked.

Around this time of year every year I am also reminded that my life did not take the road I had originally planned (spoiler alert: it NEVER does). I am reminded that my little wonderful family is not the textbook picket fence that I had planned as a young girl. This is not to say that I’m not completely and utterly happy and content with my current situation. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in my life than right where I am at this very moment. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t have to travel to get here in the dark, in the cold , in the pouring down rain just to get to a point in the metaphoric road where there was a big old metaphoric tree blocking my way. Let’s just say the concept of rerouting is not foreign to me.

Some of these so-called road blocks I totally put there myself and some were just dropped right there without me having anything to do with it. The moral of this story is…you come to a big old tree in the road…guess what you do?? You grumble if you need too but then you REROUTE. I know that all sounds so easy. Just go another way. Yep because that way is not your way to go. The New route may be uphill and rocky and it may be slippery and really really long but it’s getting you where you need to go. Where God has a plan for you to go. He put that tree in your way for a reason!! So embrace the new route whatever it may be because the destination is right where you need to go. Even if you didn’t know that was where you were going and when you get there you will find that you are content and happy and that old tree never really bothered you at all.

Merry Christmas my friends and enjoy the ROUTE!! Even if it’s a detour! ❤️

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Taste and Smell

It’s funny how the slightest scent can bring back such memories.  Taste and smell can recall feelings in your mind, heart and body that you have long forgotten.  Most of these involve food but some are just the smell of people and places and things that make you think of that certain someone.  Doublemint gum…I always think of my Pawpa.  He would always keep a pack in his pocket and give all us grandkids a piece.  He and my Granny didn’t have much at all but he always had that gum handy.  Safeguard Soap… (they have it in the Kroger restroom, just in case you needed to know) it makes me think of their little trailer that we all loved and piled into every Thanksgiving and Christmas when I was a little girl.  It was hot as thirty hells but we loved them and loved being there.  The smell of dressing. Oh my Granny’s dressing was the very best and we loved to “test” it to see if it needed anything else.  She always, always said it needed more sage. Makes me smile as I read this. Petunias…She grew these every year in every corner and spot on the front porch.  They were always beautiful and smelled and looked amazing.  Apricot Salad…Simple dish with cream cheese and apricot jello.  One of my Dad’s sisters would make it every year and in the same clear/opaque Tupperware brand dish.  Years and years…same dish in the same container.  Fried Chicken….My Granny would take a knife with a blade that wasn’t even two inches long with a plastic handle and cut us a whole chicken and fry it.  Now if there is ever a taste of heaven that was it.  I still wish that I had tried to learn her recipes years ago and how to cut up that dang chicken.  She never bought a package of thighs or legs. NEVER EVER was a package of boneless skinless chicken breast ever brought into that little trailer in the country.  AquaNet….My Granny had the typical old lady gray hair helmet.  I don’t ever remember her going to the hair salon but she always had a perm and when you hugged her all you could smell was her hairspray.  Some of the other favorite memories were the nutcrackers and bowl.  She had a bowl that looked like a hollowed out slice of a tree, bark and all on the outside and the inside was always full of nuts and a silver nutcracker.  Every Christmas that would be set out.  More traditional that the Christmas Tree

My grandparents had very little.  My Granny never had a drivers license and my Pawpa took her everywhere she needed to go.  They were happy even with a hard life.  They both worked hard.  He worked at the factory in town and he could fix anything you had mechanical that could break.  She could cook like a well studied chef and she could quilt and crochet anything that you could imagine.  She had a green thumb that I am thankful to have inherited a slight bit.  Everything she touched grew and prospered and she and my Pawpa always had such a beautiful garden.  She canned and froze food for the winter and that chicken trick deserves to be mentioned again.

I miss them all that time and I’m disappointed that my kids did not get the pleasure of meeting them and loving them like my cousins and I did.  They have both since passed on and their little place in the country is occupied by a different family.

Taste and Smells can bring back so many memories.  Savor them when they do.  Remember the people, places, food.. whatever those smells bring back take a minute to conjure up those memories and keep them close to you heart to tell to your grandkids.