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Enjoy the Ride

Y’all I’m in the car a lot. I drive an hour one way to work three days a week. Yep at least 6 hours in the car just to go to work.  That doesn’t even touch the time I’m in there driving the kids to school and back and practice and games.  You get the idea.  But here is the thing I have learned about being in the car so much. You have to ENJOY THE RIDE.  Everyone is so busy these days. Running here and there. Hustle and bustle.  Always on the go. But we have to remember to enjoy the ride.  I have teenagers now and if you know anything about teenagers you will know that they like to be left alone.  They spend a lot of time in their rooms and on their phones.  But the time that I am in the car with them. They are MINE. Almost like a hostage situation.  (kidding, not really) But it is a time that I can talk to them and ask them questions.  They are a captive audience, and well so am I.  They play their music (that’s where the hostage situation thing comes in, and you thought I was talking about them). So I get to listen to their music.  They tell me stories about their friends and what is going on at school or with their team.  I cherish these moments.. yes even the music, God forbid.  They are only going to be with me for a very short time and I am reminded of this daily.  I want to soak up as much as I can while I can.  On the other days when I’m in the car by myself I still ENJOY THE RIDE.  I look at the beautiful world that God has given us.  Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter.  We can always find beauty in nature.  I also use this “ride” to listen to encouraging words and music.  I have just recently discovered podcasts and I am addicted to them.  I listen to them everyday and when I exhaust all the ones that I subscribe to then I start listening to music.  I prefer contemporary Christian music but whatever calms you or lifts your spirits remember to enjoy the ride.  I know everyone is so busy like I said earlier and some are at different stages of life and the music is from the latest Disney movie.  Trust me is was just like two days ago that I was in that driver’s seat.  (it is perfectly normal to sing the song in the car long after your kids are dropped off at daycare…perfectly normal..scientifically proven, trust me on this one)  But also enjoy the ride because in two days you will have teenagers like mine and the songs change…THEY CHANGE A LOT!!

I also have a time that I drive my sweet 87 year old grandpa to the doctor.  No music…even though every time I get in his car he has XM radio blaring with Elvis Radio.  He is cool like that.  We drive about an hour to the doctor with no radio.  We talk and laugh and he tells stories and I tell stories.  I realize my time with him is short.  I try to soak up every single word. Every single smile. Every single laugh.  We ENJOY THE RIDE.

So I encourage each of you to ENJOY THE RIDE. Whatever that looks like for you, take my word for it.  It will change very soon.  ENJOY the RIDE in every season and aspect of your life.  It will be short lived but the memories that you have of the RIDE are PRICELESS.


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