While sitting in the waiting room/lobby of a Hospital I noticed that the quietness (or maybe it’s reverence) that I have always embraced in these settings was not present here. People talking on there phones. Cell phones dinging and ringing and even one lady had her phone on speakerphone and was having a conversation. As I have grown older I have come to appreciate quietness and silence.  We are so bombarded with noise in the everyday settings that I think as humans in 2017 we don’t know how to sit in silence or quietness. We feel like there always has to be movement and noise and interaction. Whatever you want to call it.  We feel anxious without her constant noise and movement. Maybe it’s an age thing with me. Maybe it’s because most of my life is filled with noise and movement and (oh no I just figured it out) busyness.  We HAVE to have ou busyness to function.  But I have grown to love my quietness. When I’m off and home for the day I mull around be house doing my chores in silence. No radio, no TV, no phone streaming music. Whatever the noisemaker in your life is. I need this time. Quietness. Meditation. Pure and utter silence and stillness. We are called to “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalms 46:10. But how many of us actually practice being still? Truly still. Do you ever just sit inside or outside and be still?  Truly still and quiet. This does not mean sleeping!!! Although if you sit still and quiet for long enough you just might end up sleeping. 

So today find a little time to sit still. Be quiet. Be silent. Open eyes or closed eyes. LISTEN in the silence. LISTEN in the stillness. You might be surprised what you hear. 

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