Momma don’t let your babies grow up to be teenagers

Ok, so I have come to realize that I suck at this blogging thing. I am on a computer all day long at work and when I come home a computer screen is the last thing I want to look at. And besides who has time when you get home from work…Dinner, dishes, laundry, cleaning…can I just stop there. Anyway I want to make more of an effort to try to get on here more and get all this stuff outta my head. I posted a pic last night on Instagram of basically my living room from my perspective sitting in my recliner. The living room was completely empty and rather organized and clean. The point was for mommas of small children who don’t have a clean organized living room and who aren’t sitting in their comfy spot in the quiet. Enjoy the chaos. The littles aren’t little for long and they grow up and then want to be alone or in their rooms and they don’t want to play with you anymore. You suddenly aren’t the center of their universe even though they never stop being the center of yours. It’s not that they don’t need you and love and all that. It’s just that they aren’t sticking their fingers under the bathroom door while you are trying to poop so that you know they are out there. “Mom can you see my fingers?”, “yes honey I can see your fingers” “what are you doing mom?” “Honey I’m pooping” “Can I come in?” “No you can’t come in, Ill be out in a minute” “mom I miss you” “I miss you too but ill be out in a minute” Yes its annoying as heck but honestly I miss all the attention. Bottom line is, play with them, read to them (yes that same book for the 101th time that day) and watch the shows with them (yes the ones you have in your head all day at work and think you can’t watch another), play in the grass, because before long they will be big and won’t want to play with you anymore. It’s not a bad thing just a change that all us moms go through. All I’m saying is….Don’t waste their baby time on worrying about the laundry and the dishes and the clean house, etc, etc. Take the time to be with them. The laundry and dishes and clean house will still be there. You are no less of a mom or wife or woman if you leave those things because you are playing with your little. Take it from an old exhausted mom, you will never regret giving them time.
Now I have a huge pile of laundry and sink full of dishes. My “littles” are in school right now so i’m going to bust it now so I can sit in my recliner in the empty living room tonight while they snapchat and facetime in their rooms.

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