Are you there God? It’s me Angie

Write a book. Write a book? Write a book! God has been working on me for a couple of weeks now and I mean the “can’t sleep, can’t eat, can’t think of anything but” kindof working on me. That almost sounded like a first love feeling. yikes. But anyway, for some crazy divine reason the Lord has put it on my heart to write a book. I don’t have the first clue about writing a book. Would anybody even want to read anything that I have written? Honestly that has never crossed my mind until I just typed it. I’m just trying to follow what the Lord is telling me but I have no idea even where to start. I do know that I have lots to say. Yeah I know BIG SURPRISE. ha ha. But is feel like the world needs a whole lot more Jesus and whole lot more love, big love, in it. We need to love each other and try to understand each other. We are all on this big old planet together and we need to learn to love each other and take care of each other. We need to encourage others. Everyone has demons they face everyday and some of those demons aren’t so different from the ones that you face everyday. Everyone has doubts and worries that they deal with everyday and they need to know that they aren’t alone and that nobody, and I mean NOBODY, has it together. Even though they look like it on the outside and God forbid on their social media they are a mess just like you and me. Don’t be fooled. And you know another thing…we all came into this big ugly mean world the same way and we are all going out the same way. Why not just love on each other and help each other get through our time here? Tell somebody about Jesus and how wonderful He was and how He loved all the misfits of the time. His life was about spreading love and loving those that were hardest to love. We need to learn to love like Jesus did. Love the people that are hard to love. Love the sinners. Love the lepers. Love the people that don’t fit in. They usually need it more than anyone. Let them know that someone cares and that there is a better life.Like I said I have a lot to say but I have no idea how to write a book. For now I’m going to write and write and write and trust God to show me the next step. I’m not even concerned about selling books or making a best seller list or signing books or whatever authors (goodness i’m not an author!) so. I’m concerned with obeying the calling that the Lord has given me. I’m scared and excited and nervous and scared and scared and nervous. Did I mention that I have no idea what I’m doing? God will work the kinks out and I will obey. I will continue to ramble about love and encouragement until I make someone puke.(insert sideways smile, cause I crack myself up).

I decided to share my “calling” of sorts with my husband last night and of course he had questions. None of which I could answer. I just told him that God has been basically bugging the crap outta me for the last two weeks to write a book. He, of course, said go for it but he did mention that he wanted his own chapter. Really? Ok dude, I’ll have a whole chapter devoted to you my sweetness. I could title it, “Husbands and Toddlers, one in the same.” or “My Sweet Husband, He screams my name more than a small child.” or better yet “My Sweet Husband, the man that can’t hit the clothes hamper”

Maybe I’ll have to devote more than one chapter to him. He provides a lot of material to work with. On a daily basis. Anyway, wish me luck, pray for my sanity and the sanity of those around me. In all honesty I am excited to see what God has I store for me. Whatever it may be……God’s got it all worked out!!!

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